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 Brian Walter
Brian Walter is Senior Product Engineering Specialist for KEP, and has been involved with the company's MMI development for more than 20 years. He holds a BSEE from New Jersey Technical Institute.
His blog, a collection of observations, tips and techniques on automation and control, is meant to help customers understand and apply KEP hardware and software.
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SUPERtrol 1 Used in Water Resource Plan Solution During Record Drought
 ST1 Water Application
The Colorado River system is facing the worst drought on record. Lake Mead's water level has dropped approximately 100 feet since January 2000. The Water Authority and its member agencies have adopted a water resource plan to meet demands during shortage.
Part of this plan uses the SUPERtrol-I flow computer with Modbus RTU to collect data and transfer that information via a TIS 4000 SCADA system to their central control station. This remote monitoring solution eliminates the need to physically read the water meters locally.
Data Collection Center Using MMI Touchscreen Interface and SUPERtrol Flow Computer
Remote Monitoring Solution
Monitoring and controlling flow operations from a centralized control room just got easier. With our MMI8000 series graphic touchscreen panels and SUPERtrol flow computers, operators can view information from the field or the factory floor in a local information center, eliminating the need for chart recorders.
Real time and historical trending graphs, flow totals and flow rates can be displayed, and the MMI touchscreen can be programmed to control the start, stop and reset of batches and batch amounts.
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